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Gosh! Can you believe that 2017 is nearly done and dusted!
I realized the other day that I'm so busy trying to wrap up this year and plan for the next, that I haven't taken the time to stop and reflect upon all the things I've managed to get done in the year.

If you're anything like me, we're terrible at giving ourselves any credit, often overlook our successes and spend more time worrying about the items that are still on our to-do list.

And by successes I mean anything from cutting back from three coffees a day to two, to increasing the number of days a week I do yoga, to launching a new product. These are all victories, big or small, that can be chalked up as an achievement!

So my hope for you is…That you take the time to reflect upon your achievements for the year and feel good about your successes. This is crazy-busy time of year so it's easy to skip this important exercise as the year winds down. You deserve that pat on the back!

And speaking of reflecting…I wanted to tell you how grateful and humbled I am for all your support throughout the year. You inspire me to keep creating and producing work that I hope you find useful and love using.

I have a little something for you to say Thank You! It's an Elegant Marble Keycal (White or Black Marble), It's free from me to you :) just pay shipping, click on the link below:

Elegant White Makrana Marble />
Elegant Black Marble />
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